Wrap Up Georgie Boys Float

Wrap Up Georgie Boys Float

It has been about five months since I had the vet float Georgie’s teeth. I was taking, and posting, photo’s daily but it was very difficult to identify any solid changes.  I decided to wait a few months, give George some time to work on gaining weight before posting more photo’s.

I took these shots just a week ago.  What you think? Does he look any better?

George February 2. Four months since he had the floating.

Of course Calypso has to get her nose in the pictures. So cute.

When the vet came out he weighed 876 lbs.  This is under what a gelding of 15.1 hands should weigh by far.  When I weighed him, at the time I took the latest photo’s, he had broken the 1000 lbs mark plus several pounds!

Here is a side-by-side (over-under actually) of the first day when the vet was out and then just recently.

In the after shot, he has his winter coat going on, but I can see a difference regardless of his coat. He doesn’t grow much of a winter coat anyways.

Here’s what I can see:

  1. There are no visible ribs at all.
  2. His shoulder has a good amount of fat on it instead of the before photo where you can see tendons with no fat.
  3. The withers are filling in some.  That’s one of the last places George will gain weight, and one of the first to go when he losses weight.
  4. The before photo doesn’t catch his full rear-end, but I can see that it is much fuller than before in the area that can be seen.

I do believe that floating Georgie’s teeth made an absolute difference! I’m still feeding him heavy, he has a way to go before I’ll be satisfied with his weight.

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