Would You Like Your Horse To Follow You?

The “secret” behind the ignoring horse turning into a following horse is no secret at all. No horse whispering, no work, it is a natural instinct for the horse. To do this yourself you need an arena separate from distractions (separate from distractions is what you want in any arena). You lead the horse into the arena, close the gate. Remove the lead line. With your whip or rope in hand start lounging your horse around the arena. Start with a trot, extend the trot, and then into a lope around and around. Have your horse turn and go the other direction every few rounds by stepping into his path (move if he shows signs of running you over!) so he turns and goes the other direction, round and round. When you see the horse has begun to lower his head, or licking, you can let him stop and call him to you by putting your hand out, palm up, in a gesture of come here. You may need to toss away your whip or rope to get the horse to come into you if he’s untrusting. Sometimes you don’t have to and you can hold the whip and call him in (this is the ultimate goal). Your horse will immediately walk towards you. Give him a scratch on the neck, and an “atta boy/girl” then turn and walk away. He will follow you. Walk all over the arena, he will follow you.
Tada! You just made your horse follow you.

Additional information: If your horse has distractions like other horses calling to him/her, or another rider in the arena, this won’t work. If, after lounging, he doesn’t come into you, even if you toss away your whip or rope, then lounge him some more. Allow him to stop and try inviting him into you again.
Additional, additional information: Do NOT hit your horse with the whip! Or the rope! These are extentions of your arms that can be snapped to gain the horses attention. They are not tools for abuse!
Be the advocate for those that cannot speak, like horses. If there is an action you would not like done unto yourself, then don’t do it to your horse!! I tell you, if I ever see someone using an electric device to zap a horse I will rip them off that horse so fast it’ll make their teeth rattle, and I’ll show them what that zap feels like on their hind end!

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