Where Can You Find A Beautiful Autumn Drive?

Where can you find a beautiful Autumn drive?  Vermont?  Sure.  New Hampshire, probably.  What about California?
I wouldn’t have believed it myself, but right here in N. California I have had the pleasure of the most beautiful Autumn drives!

All the colors of the leaves on the trees are amazing!  The cool autumn weather feels so good!  Today, rain. Beautiful, glorious, life-sustaining rain.  I can drive forever on this kind of morning, or afternoon, evening as well!

So where can you find a beautiful Autumn drive?  The Sierra Nevada’s.  Part of this is the road up into West Point.  Enjoy a rainy day drive in the up-country.

The video has much more blur than when I uploaded it. I’m not sure if its my satellite connection that is making it so blurry or if the video itself came out like that. I’ll check back. Maybe I need to upload it again when the sky is clear for my connection.

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