Valley Springs Wind!

Valley Springs has several windy days each year.  Wind so strong it cleans my yard for me!  Those little scraps of paper that hit the ground, a gum wrapper, some loose dried up leaves, all blown away for me! Plus, my planter box, my car cover, my trash can, and whatever else isn’t nailed or tied down to the ground!

I took a walk this past week, after an evening of rain, and you wouldn’t believe the behemoth we came upon!  Tree’s not knocked down by the wind, but literally uprooted!


We arrived at the camping area, that nobody camps in, to find the tree pictured above lying just outside of the camp.  It’s a beautiful, serene, camping area, but I don’t believe a lot of people know about it.  I’ve never come upon anyone camping here. Come to think of it, I never come upon anyone here, hmmmm.

Check out this one!  This one actually fell across the path blocking it off. But thanks to our lovely rangers here at Hogan, they were right on it, and cleared the path!  Now, if only people used it…..well, I am, so thank you rangers!

This tree is a behemoth! It was taller than me (Not that I’m tall, but still)! The red arrow is pointing to my Chihuahua!

This is just a good reminder to anyone that enjoys nature walks, Mother Nature will have her way!  Be careful and enjoy our beautiful lakes!

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