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This is where you can find Valley Springs News.  Most items will pertain to the weather, lakes, fishing and interesting events.

Valley Springs has been a beautiful valley that is often passed by without a notice.  Travelers speed by this town in the blink of an eye. The only thing memorable for them is the irritating stop sign downtown that made them come to a stop before forging on up into the hills (That is if the stop at all!).

The ethereal nature of this valley, the year round beautiful meadows, Springtime’s carpet of wildflowers, Winter’s blanket of snow, the blustering leaves of Fall, are all deeply appreciated among those who live here.

In very recent years Valley Springs has begun a metamorphoses.  Growing, maturing, populating.  We have back road features that aren’t on Google Maps.  Waterfalls we hang out under, shooting the breeze, drinking a beer with friends.  Pools of fresh mountain water to swim in.  Berry patches that seem to go on forever.  Don’t bother looking for the directions to them here, you won’t find them. We won’t divulge where they are.  They might be mentioned, or photographed, but they will never be divulged by us. Get out there and explore like the rest of us did to find these spots.  Leave your car behind, many of them you have to hike to anyway.

Below is news on the weather here, the lakes, and the places we don’t mind if the general public visit, but PLEASE take your trash with you!  Hike it in, hike it out!  Valley Springs is not your personal trash can!  Thank you


Valley Springs, Pay Attention!

Crazy Weather

Fire In Valley Springs

It’s Been Too Darn Hot

Fishing Calendar 2018 (six months)

Super Blue Moon (photo’s)

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