Valley Springs Has Installed A Stop Light – Update

Here we are, late October, it’s almost Halloween, and the street lights that were installed over the summer still are not in working order.

Apparently the engineers that put them in don’t know how to wire them up, so they must wait for PG&E to wire them.  The estimated time of completion (PG&E wiring the lights) was estimated at the beginning of October at the latest. It looks like PG&E didn’t read that memo.

They non-working lights have only created problems for drivers.  Even though the lights have been hung, yet non-functioning, for several months now, driver’s are becoming leery of them. Some driver’s appear to think that at any moment the lights are going to suddenly flash on, and catch them in an illegal position.

So far I’ve witnessed drivers turning left into La Contenta, stop back at the stop light (the line for when the lights are working), and either sit there waiting for only Holiness knows what. Others stop at the white stop line, then when there’s an opportunity to go, they are so far back, by the time they put their foot on the gas, they miss their opportunity. From my own personal experience, DON’T honk your horn at them! I was pulled over when I honked after waiting a solid 3 minutes while this driver would not turn (I believe she was waiting for the non-functioning light to turn green). I gave her a beep and the cop behind me immediately pulled me over.  He couldn’t give me a ticket for honking I guess, so he said I crossed the double yellows and gave me a ticket for that.  I said I wasn’t even moving, how could I have crossed the double yellows.  He responded with, “I could find several more reasons to give you a ticket.” I decided to shut up, take his double yellow crossing ticket and pay the $75 fine.  It wasn’t worth my time to go to court. So, learn from me, don’t honk at that corner, you’ll get a ticket for crossing the double yellows, or worse!

Anyways, one thing for sure, nobody wants to be in the middle of the intersection to turn left onto La Contenta, like we did before the non-functioning lights were put up.  Stopping way back at the line has become the popular, although wrong, thing to do.

Just yesterday a car behind me, heading South on Hwy 26, stopped at the non-functioning street light right there at the gas station.  I breezed through the intersection, and the driver behind me came to a complete stop to the consternation of the drivers behind him. Why? I have no idea.

Hopefully PG&E will mosey out this way and get the lights turned on. I mean, we already have them hanging there, wouldn’t it be nice to have the green and red lite up for Christmas!

Well, we all knew this day was coming sooner, or later.  I can imagine most people were like me, and hoping it would be later, rather than sooner.  But it is here now.  Valley Springs has installed a stop light.  The corner of Vista Del Lago and Hwy 26 is the scene of the atrocity.  The same corner that endures several accidents each year.  If anywhere in this town needed a stop light, it would have to be there.  That intersection and the CVS parking lot exit are the two leaders in accidents.

Valley Springs is growing up.  Just like our kids, all we can do is guide them in the right direction, protect them where we can, and let them grow up.  You’re growing up Valley Springs, enjoy your few years of youth before you’re an adult with multi-lane highways running through you.

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