Valley Springs Fire Update

On a previous post I talked about the a fire in Valley Springs, this is an update.  Apparently the fire was started by a lawn mower.  One of the residents I spoke with last night told me someone mowing their weeds down with a lawn mower started the fire.

I had a chance to go to the fire area and get an update.  There was a rumor that the fire had jumped over hwy 12.  I could not find any evidence of this.  The fire didn’t get to the highway.  The firefighters had it stopped before it got to Quail Oaks Road. There’s a few hot spots and fires still burning, but they are under control. PG&E and fire crews are cleaning up and repairing the wires.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…

Valley Springs Fire Quail Oaks Area
Valley Springs Fire Quail Oaks Area II
Valley Springs Fire Quail Oaks Area. The fence melted but it didn’t burn!
Valley Springs Fire Quail Oaks Area Hot Spots
Valley Springs Fire

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