Valley Springs and Surrounding Area Sweltering Hot!

Are you ready for this sweltering hot week in Valley Springs and the surrounding area?  I enjoy a bright, sunny, day just as much as the next person, but this 100 degree plus weather is for the birds!

Triple digits as far as the weather person can see.  Below is a graph of what we can expect for this last week of August:

That forecast, at least for me, is crazy!  I wilt when the mercury hits 99 degrees, let alone 111 degrees!!

Remember your pets folks! Keep their water bowl FULL of fresh water!  Water is the only thing our pets drink (well, most pets), if their bowl dries up, they have nothing to cool  down with, so keep them full!

If you have outdoor animals IE: horses, chickens, pigs, etc. fill their trough in the morning, and check it later in the afternoon.  With triple digits like we’re going to see this week our animals are going to easily double their water consumption, make sure there’s plenty available for them!

Older pets, pets with thick hair, over weight pets, should have extra care when it is hot out.  At the least provide a shady spot for your pet to lie in, with plenty of water nearby.

There’s a product that can be attached to a spigot for continual fresh water called a Lick’s It (or similar name).  The idea is the Lick’s It has a plunger in the center, when the dog licks the metal stub sticking out, the plunger moves and allows water to come out. When the dog stops licking, the plunger blocks the water from coming out.  They work great, but beware. There are three problems you must avoid with this product:  1. Make certain nobody turns the spigot to the off position!  You can’t tell by looking at the Lick’s It if the water is on, or off. You must turn the spigot to determine if it is providing water, or tap the metal stub to see if water sprays out.  2.  The activator is a metal stub the dog must lick to make the water come out, metal gets HOT in the sun!  The dog may burn his tongue and lips trying to get water.  You may want to put away the Lick’s It until summer is over, and then attach it to a spigot that is always in the shade. 3.  Have you eer turned on the hose water in the middle of the Summer.  How HOT is that water coming out?  Scalding hot right!  And it stays that way for quite some time.  Your dog will never be able to lick long, and fast, enough to clear that blistering hot water out of the lines! Again, put the Licks It away until Winter.   It’s a great product, in the right situation.

What are some of the signs of heat stroke in your pet?  Bright red tongue (abnormally bright red), white,or pale, gums, lethargic, excessive panting, thick saliva, weakness, seizures.

If you notice any of these signs in your pet get them into a cool environment immediately!  Use a cool, damp, cloth and place it under the front legs in the leg pit area, and on the groin area, also across the back of their neck. Get them out of the sun and into shade. Once the symptoms begin to decrease, and the heavy panting has stopped, you can withdraw some of the cooling clothes. If your pet gets too cool it can be just as bad as too hot.

I keep a pool of water available for my dogs to climb into when they want to, misters work well too.  I have misters over my horse area. Neither one uses much water at all, but can mean a world of difference for a pet.  The area with the misters can vary by 10 degrees depending on whether I have the misters going, or not.  I’m going to pick one of these up today!

You can leave your dog in the car, with the windows rolled up, or at least cracked, NEVER!!!  Don’t be an idiot!! There is an angel floating around the Calaveras County, and if there is a pet in a car, and it looks distressed, you just may come back to your car to find your dog sitting in the shade with this angel.  Vicious dog?  Not when they’re dying from heat stroke. Doors locked? There’s more than one way to get into a car when your dogs dying of heat stroke. Don’t rely on the angel to rescue every dog in a car, but don’t come out of the store and be surprised if you left your dog in a hot car.

Our pets cannot remove their fur coats.  If you have difficulty understanding what this means to our pets, go put on a fur jacket, button it up, yep, right up to your neck, now place yourself where ever you place your pet.  While still wearing the fur jacket, sit there for a while. Now you know how your pet feels. Are you comfortable, or sweating profusely? Make necessary adjustments so your pet is comfortable. These animals depend on us to take care of them.  Do the right thing and be a responsible pet owner especially in this heat!

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