Tri-Dams -Hogan Res., Pardee Lake and Camanche

I stopped by New Hogan Dam just before the storm hit in mid-February. The lake was tossing and turning!  Just look at how much water is in the lake and the Winter run-off hasn’t even begun!  We’re looking at what might be some record water levels here at the dam this year.

Break out the rod and reel, reel some new line on it, tie some flies or hook and sinker cause it’s gonna be great fishing.  And boaters, start polishing your boats and paint a new coat of gelcoat on your jet ski’s because it’s going to be a great Summer to ride at the lake!  No bumper boats this year.  The lake is nearing capacity. Hopefully the powers that be will LET it be!

Check out the cool little pontoon boat I came across on Amazon. Isn’t that cool!  I want it!

With a lil trolling motor and it’s all set!

When I drove by just last week, the water level was rising and the water being released is a three channel river!

A little further downstream the river is hardly contained. It was approaching the road but never over flowed.


News around town on Pardee Reservoir is the fishing is great!  Pardee just opened a week ago in early February with plenty of Kokanee Trout (Kokanee Salmon, Silver trout, etc.) waiting.  There was a recent fish plant besides the trout already waiting for you.

This is Pardee on February 21st. (I know, nice fence, but it was too cold to get out of the car!)

I hope I catch a Kokanee this year!  I’ve never caught one before and that would be so cool!

Camanche Lake

I will admit, I didn’t get a chance to swing by Camanche, but from the looks of the other reservoirs I’m sure it’s doing well too!

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