This Woman – Remember Your Mother – Mother’s Day

When you were a newborn babe…

This woman spent hours being your slave.  Every four hours, regardless of sleep, she fed you because you needed to eat.  Hers was the protective hand that cradled your head, and read you stories before bed.

When you were old enough to go to school…

This is the woman who cried the first day too.  She proudly hung your every creation, cut-outs of flowers, plants and tree’s, she put on the fridge with elation..  When you came down with a flu, she would always care for you.  If she could, she would take that flu upon herself instead of you.  You know this is true.

When you were too big to be mommy’s “little one”..

This is the woman who carted you around, to all your meets, to all your fun.  She didn’t complain, she might have a little, but she did it for you, she took little.

When you became a teenager with all of your doubts…

This is the woman who stood by you through out.  She’s the one you went to when you and your friend had your first bout.  She hugged you so tight when you were in doubt.  You went to her upon your first broken heart, you knew she loved you right from the start.

When you became an adult…

This is the woman you would never insult. She gave so much for you, look at the result.  Don’t let simple grievances keep you apart, she’s your mother, she should always be your dearest at heart.

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