Things Are Looking Up With Calypso, I Think

Things are looking up with Calypso, I think, or am I fostering false hope?  I have been swamped with appointments the last couple of days, so Calypso hasn’t had the saddle back on since the 5th.  I did separate her and George on the 6th, and George isn’t going into fits about it this time.  He keeps pulling the tarp down, just like Calypso did, but without the stepping on it, and trying to rip it, gusto that Calypso put into her work with the tarp.  I hang it back up every time he pulls it down.

On Wednesday, the 10th, I was able to spend some good time with Calypso in the evening.  I offered her a bucket of All-In-One  to keep her mind off of me while I saddled her this time. I was hoping to avoid her attempt at biting at me again.  It helped, but when I put the saddle on her back, she stopped eating and started dancing about.  I’m thinking of picking up a new cinch strap.  Everything goes fine until I pull the cinch strap under her belly and start to put it through the rings.  That’s when she starts dancing.  I’m using a fluffy cinch right now on her.  Maybe there’s a fox-tail, or burr, in the fuzz that I’m not seeing?  I’ve brushed it out a couple of times with nothing coming out of the fuzz, but that’s no guarantee that there isn’t something in there.  That’s the one thing I don’t like about the fuzzy cinch straps, if something is buried in the fuzz, you can’t see it, but the horse sure does feel it when the strap is snugged down.  I’ll swing by the tack store tomorrow to see what I can find.  For now, it will be the fuzzy strap again.

So, Calypso danced around a little when I tightened the cinch.  I let her side-pass away from me again.  I held fast to the end of the cinch strap.  When she got about two feet away from me, the strap began to tighten from me holding it.  She continued to side-passed until she noticed that she was tightening the cinch with this behavior and stopped. The cinch was snug enough, so I finished the tie at this point.

I’ve noticed another peculiar behavior when the cinch is put on, Calypso starts breathing in an odd fashion. Horses tend to take a deep breath and hold it during the cinching process.  Then, when you’re all done with the cinch strap, they release this breath, and the saddle becomes loose.  A quick lounging will make them release this breath holding and the cinch can be re-tightened.  But Calypso doesn’t just hold her breath, she grunts. As if she doesn’t know how to breath with a cinch strap?  It’s odd.  She’s worn a saddle multiple times.  I don’t know if she has had this breathing issue previously, it was when my daughter rode her. I’m beginning to wonder if some foul play came to Calypso when I was laid up with my back? I’ll keep an eye on this breathing thing she’s doing, and try to figure out how I can help her to just breath normal, and relax, it’s just a saddle!

Here’s a short video of how she did with the saddle this time:

Saddled May 10

As you can see, she’s trading between loping along just fine to, bucking.  She’s not bucking as hard anymore. This is what is making me wonder if there’s a problem with the cinch.  She will lope along, and then start bucking, as if something has suddenly irritated her.  I really hope a new cinch solves the problem. That would be wonderful! But I have a feeling it isn’t going to be that simple.  We shall see.

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