The Mystery of The Ignition System – Solved! eBook

The mechanics of engines comes very easily to me. My great-grandfather was an inventor. As a point of interest, one of his many inventions was the hydraulic jack. Yeah, that was my great-grandfather, pretty crazy, I know. He invented several other items for GM trucks that are still employed today. So, the point I was getting at is, I was blessed with his genes for mechanical understanding. I particularly enjoy the ignition system in automobiles.

I find the ignition system fascinating, and exciting! Imagine, the turn of a simple key ignites an entire system that runs an engine! Each system rely’s on another to keep the engine running smooth. One component that is out of whack, and the whole system will suffer.

This book was one of the more exciting books for me to write. I couldn’t type fast enough explaining how the system worked. I took photo, after photo, to assist in my explanations.  The Mystery of The Ignition System – Solved! is a break-down of the systems involved in the ignition, and how they work together, and on their own. If you are looking for a better understanding of your ignition system, this is the book for you!

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