The Mystery of the Automotive Cooling System – Solved! eBook

The cooling system is so vital to the well-being of an engine.  The Mystery of the Automotive Cooling System was derived from a situation I encountered that was mind-boggling for me.

Let me explain; A friend of mine asked to borrow my truck when she was moving. I have no problem loaning one of my vehicles as long as it comes back the same way it left. Her move went just fine. My truck was a big help. She was tired, of course, after a big move like that, I understood.  But she wanted to get the truck back to me so she could call it done. I was in no hurry for the truck, I didn’t need it, but she wanted to return it that day.

The route to my house, from her new residence, took a two lane, back road that was heavily traveled. At some point in her journey, the temperature gauge started to climb. She took note of this, and continued driving. As the temperature in the engine rose, she kept driving. She only decided to stop the truck when steam started pouring out of the crack between the hood and the body of the truck. Upon inspection, which included opening the hood and looking at the radiator, she decided to wait until the steam stopped pouring out.  She, then, started the truck and continued on her journey to my house.  By the time she arrived at my home the truck would not accelerate very well, she explained.  The engine shut off just as she was entering my court, and the truck coasted to a halt near the curb. After she recited her journey to me, and how the temperature had risen to the red mark, and she had stopped to let it cool, then continued on, my stomach felt like it was in a knot. I opened the hood to inspect the damage….the engine was blown.  She had driven it almost 30 minutes with no water in the radiator.  I explained to her that all that steam she saw coming out of the radiator was the last of the water in it.

She felt terribly bad about it.  Her question to me was, “If it was out of water then why did it keep on running?”  I decided to write a book about the cooling system that very day.

As simple as it may seem to some people, to others, it is a complete mystery.  With the hope that someone else doesn’t have their engine blown by a driver that didn’t understand the cooling system, and what it does exactly, I wrote The Mystery of the Automotive Cooling System – Solved!

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