The Mystery of Basic Automotive Repairs and Services Book

Like my eBook Driver Eyes this book goes over the more mechanical side of what every driver should know about their vehicle.

When I was training my students how to drive I always asked them the same question on their third lesson, “At this point, you are about to start driving alone, if you pass the Behind the Wheel test at the DMV.  You will be able to drive alone.  Tell me, do you know how to change the tire on your car?”  My question would be answered by the look in their eyes…..surprise.  No, they did not know how to change the tire on their car.  Often, they would ask me if that was going to be part of the Behind the Wheel test?  No, but it should be!

These students/kids are about to hit the roadways with us, and they have no idea how to change the tire on the car they are driving.  Worse than that, they don’t know there is a manual in the glove compartment that tells them how.  What are they going to do if they get a flat tire, which is not unheard of?  “I’ll call my dad”, or “I’ll call my brother” was the majority of the answers I heard.  This was of concern to me, so I wrote a couple of books on the subject of automobiles, and how they work, and how to drive them beyond the basic right turn, left turn, stop, go.

Driver eye’s eBook talks about the nuances of driving, and where your eyes should be on the road ahead of you.  There’s a chapter on driving in the rain, tailgating, and many more important topics you just don’t get in drivers ed.

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This book, The Mystery of Basic Automotive Repair – Solved! is a non-technical, instructional book.  It’s sold in an eBook format, and it can be ordered in Paperback.  It covers the most common elements of an automobile that may need fixing or repair IE: headlights, spark plugs, oxygen sensor, flat repair, etc. There are explanations about how the part works in the vehicle, how to replace it, and helpful tips throughout the book, with clear, helpful photos.

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