The Mystery of Automotive SMOG – Solved!

I have always enjoyed writing, ever since I was a school age girl.  I don’t have the imagination for fiction novels.  I am far more intrigued with non-fiction, and books for learning.  So, you will find, most, if not all but one of my books, are based on realistic, everyday life events.

This book, The Mystery of Automotive SMOG – Solved! is one of the first books I wrote in The Mystery of… series.  When I was rebuilding my 1969 Corvette I was intimidated by the SMOG system. This intimidation came from my significant other at the time.  The car couldn’t be registered until it was classified as an antique, or it could pass SMOG. For years this beautiful car sat in our garage because it needed SMOG put on it. Just the word SMOG my significant other would groan. This made the word grow bigger, and more intimidating to me because I had thought my significant other could do anything, but this SMOG had him against the ropes. My mind decided it must be something terribly difficult……until I tore into it.

I read every manual, spoke with auto shop keepers, friends, neighbors, everyone that I thought might have some knowledge of this all intimidating SMOG thing. More often than not, people weren’t sure, they had an idea about it, but they weren’t too sure.  Those that did know, I was rapt with interest as they told the tale of SMOG.

It turned out to be a simple concept, thus, a simple application!  Once a person understands what SMOG is for, then the concept can be applied to an engine, as to how it goes about it in an automobile engine.  Learning how simple it actually was, in my mind, my friends, and family, unanimously suggested I write a book on it because it’s not so simple in their mind, and certainly not others.

That’s when I sat down and wrote The Mystery of Automotive SMOG – Solved!  You can order a copy of the eBook here.  If there are a lot of paperback requests I can make a paperback copy available.

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