Summertime Thunder Storm in Valley Springs Last Night!

It was a beautiful show of Mother Nature last night! A Summertime thunder-storm in Valley Springs last night brought thunder and lightning, and hail the size of marbles!

Did you sleep right through it?  It woke my household up with the hail started beating, like drums, on the roof!  It started with a light show extravaganza!  Then the rain started to pour down, and I mean pour down!  It was so beautiful to see. The sound of the rolling thunder seemed like it would never end at times.

Thunderstorm Valley Springs

When the center of the storm was over Valley Springs hail the size of marbles came pouring down!  They are hard to see, I know, I apologize, it was the middle of the night, so you understand. The ground was covered in the ice balls, my horses ran for cover.  All the rain pouring down was so beautiful and refreshing!

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