Spark Plug Wire Repair – Updated

This tutorial video explains how to repair a spark plug wire when it has been ripped off of the spark plug, leaving the metal clip on the spark plug.  We will start from the spark plug with the metal clip attached, go through the repair, and then install the wire for a live start-up of the vehicle.

So there you have it, you’ve pulled on the spark plug wire and instead of the entire boot and clip coming off, you only have the rubber boot.  The clip is still on the spark plug.

When something like this happens, usually, you will have to replace the spark plug wires.  Yes, I said wires. Because spark plug wires are sold in a set, not separately.  So, if you break one, you have to buy all of them.  But I found I was able to repair my wire and it performed just like it should!  Neither myself, or the engine, noticed any difference in performance, idle, or fuel economy.

What you need to do is:

  1. Remove the clip from the spark plug with a pair of needle nose pliers, or pliers.
  2. Remove the other end of the wire from the distributor (So you can take it inside, or where have you, and fix it in a comfortable spot).
  3. Get your tools together to fix it:
    1. WD40 or other lubricant (Spit works and its free!).
    2. Wire cutters (Preferably the kind that has a crimper on it as well).

  1. A crimper if your wire cutter doesn’t have one, or similar IE: vice grips, pliers, needle nose, etc.
  2. The spark plug wire, and the clip that broke off.
  3. Spray some lubricant into the boot. This will make it a lot easier to press the wire through the boot.
  4. Press the wire through the boot until it comes out the other end about two inches.
  5. Make a fresh end by cutting just a bit off the end.
  6. Now strip off the rubber insulator using your wire cutters until about one and a half inches of the black wire inside is exposed.
  7. Bend the black wire back on its cord and place the clip over it (See video for detail).
  8. Crimp the metal clip onto the wire (Again, the video will be helpful).
  9. Slide the wire back into the boot by pulling on the other end.
  10. Re-install the wire to the spark plug and distributor and fire up the engine!

You Did It! Right on!

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