Shout-Out To All The Outdoorsy People!

If you’re the outdoorsy type, like I am, this is a shout-out for you to get out there!  The wildflowers have gone crazy bursting their blooms!  This past Easter Sunday, we headed out for a trail ride at the Pardee Reservoir area.  We rode up to the top.  The hills and the meadows along the way were stunning, and the vista view, wow!

Hogan Dam, Pardee and Amador Lake boast some of the best hiking and riding trails in the tri-dam area. The wildflowers are crazy beautiful!  Just this week hiking the trails I was inspired by meadows of wildflowers everywhere!

Pictured is the trail from the Pardee staging area on the South side of Pardee to the top of the hill on the West side.  It’s an hour ride up at a casual pace.  You’ll pass through a meadow with a gate you pass through to cross the highway and another gate to enter the next meadow.  After that it’s a steady, smooth, incline to the top of the hill where it opens up for a vista view of the entire valley below looking Westward.

There is a large pond you could water your horse at if you pass through the gate and continue riding on down the hill after cresting the top.  There is no water trough at the top of the hill!  This is definitely something for the suggestion box!  The water trough’s at the staging area are great, but after you’ve ridden to the top of the hill is when your horse could use a drink of water, yet there is nothing available unless you continue down the hill to the large pond.  This was disappointing for us.  The hilltop provided a beautiful site for a picnic with tables and places to tie your horse, but I can’t eat lunch when my horses is thirsty after hauling me up the hill!  So, either pack your own water for your horse or you’ll need to continue down the hill to find water.

The moon came out to hike with us as well!

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