Seedlings Are Already Sprouting Up!

It hasn’t even been 4 days since we planted the seeds, and seedlings are already sprouting up!  They are so cute, and little, and green all over, I love growing a garden!

Day 3!

I have grown garden’s before, but this is my first time with growing cantaloupe. On previous attempts the soil wasn’t what cantaloupe enjoy.  Cantaloupe grows best in sandy type of soil on an incline.  This way water drains off instead of drowning the seedlings.

We dumped the whole package of seeds for the marigold’s!  There’s going to be a mountain of marigold’s soon.  I better get outside and start laying out the garden area somehow!  I don’t like the laying out part so much.

I love growing plants for my garden, but I am terrible at laying it all out.  When I think of how it should look, I draw a blank! I had a friend who was a landscape artist I used to turn to for help,but he isn’t with us anymore.  I found ideas4land to be a helpful resource!


Look at what the little Marigolds did while we were sleeping!

The red arrows is pointing out some of the new marigold sprouts.

They are really growing like crazy!  We will probably need to transfer them by the end of this week if not sooner.  Check back later for a time lapse from now, until the sun goes down, I’ll take a picture every hour, on the hour. It’ll be cool!

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