Schaads Reservoir – Fishing

Have you ever tried your luck fishing at Schaads Reservoir?  The drive alone is a pleasant one. Pine tree’s, meandering roadway, friendly folks, it’s one of those places you might go, just for the drive!

It’s not considered a large lake like Hogan or Camanche, some of the locals call it a mud puddle.  It could take a bit of off road driving to access it, but there is a parking area somewhere up there.  Below is the Google Maps rendition of Schaads location:

Schaads Reservoir has even been referred to as Paradise by the!

Paradise? Well, I don’t know about that, but I do know it’s a nice drive there and the fishing is pretty darn good. With the end of Summer old man Winter is going to come splashing in and you might not be able to access the reservoir, so get your rod out for one last float in your boat!

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