Saddled Calypso

Like I said in my previous post, I thought it would be a good idea to have Calypso practice tying.  Today I was able to get Calypso out of the paddock and George into the paddock, not an easy task!  Calypso likes to stretch her legs in the pasture, so I let her run around for a while.

Around the dinner hour I fed both of them.  When Calypso was done eating I picked up her halter and started for the pasture.  This was when I learned that the halter is a cue to George to start-up his antics!  I hadn’t made it to the pasture when George started nickering, and running to the paddock wall. I had replaced the blue tarp, but George is so tall he simply looked over it.  Thankfully, Calypso wasn’t bothered by his nickering.  Her head was high, her eyes were looking around, but she wasn’t reacting other than that.

I haltered her before George could get her too upset, and tied her to a tree we have in the pasture.  I brushed her out a bit, Calypso becoming more, and more irritated just from being tied.  I figured if she’s going to be irritated, I’ll give her something to be irritated about and I decided she should have the saddle on while she stood tied.  Calypso doesn’t mind the saddle on her.  What she minds is trotting, or running with it on.  She simply does not want to do either with the saddle on.  I’m thinking she needs to practice standing tied with the saddle, then start making her run with the saddle on.  We’ve ridden her and asked her to trot, or lope, and she starts into a weird bucking thing with her head and a little kick with her back legs.  Nobody appreciates being on her back and asking her to trot, or lope, so I’ll have her do it until she stops, then put a rider up.

Calypso was starting to dance around just because she is impatient, and George nickering wasn’t helping much.  I put the pad on, then the saddle. I tightened the cinch so it was snug but not tight.

Calypso is very good with her mouth.  She can open paddocks, untie string, and untie lead lines.  I don’t know how she does it yet, but with one pull the rope drops to the ground regardless of how it is tied, it falls to the ground, completely untied.

So, I take a seat nearby to keep an eye on Calypso.  For a few minutes she became calm, but she’s paying attention to where I am, her ears are turned back in a listening mode.  Next thing I know, the lead line hits the ground and she’s walking towards me, untied!  Dang that horse. I gotta come up with a tie she can’t untie!  She’s tripping on the lead line as she walks over to me, I reached down and un-clipped the lead line.  I clucked to her so she would move off. It’s a perfect time for her to get over her bucking when trotting or loping.  And boy, did she take off! It was a rodeo!  She was bucking, and twisting, and throwing her head everywhere! She ran over to George’s paddock, so I went to George’s, she ran off bucking her brains out.  She bucked until she was too tired to buck anymore.  Then, she wanted to come to me.  I took her back up to the tree, tied her, waited about ten minutes, removed the saddle and called it a day.  We’ll do it again tomorrow.  I’ll keep doing this until she can run around the pasture without trying to buck the saddle off.  This could take some time!  My phone was full, so I couldn’t take a video of her, but I will tomorrow!


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