The Mystery Of Basic Automotive Repair – Solved! (Paperback)


Anyone who sits behind the wheel of a car should know these basic automotive repairs


The Mystery of Basic Automotive Repairs- Solved, is my most recent book to date.  When I write my books, I have the novice in mind, and women.  I look at it from their point of view, so it can seem tedious to some people to read, but to others, that have never worked on a car before, the meticulous explanations, and instructions are invaluable! I want to see women empower themselves, and the novice to feel confident to step-up and try!

I was inspired to write it when I was a driving instructor.  I was very concerned when I began to realize that these kids, (I say kids, they were sixteen and seventeen year old kids) most of them, had no idea how to change the tire on their vehicle.  Several student didn’t know there is a spare tire in every vehicle!  I would ask them, “What is your plan when you get a flat tire?”  Most students would stare at me, and, or, shrug.  A few said they’d call their dad, brother, uncle, etc.  I would press on with,  “And what are you going to do while you are waiting for this person to come change the tire on your car?” Same stare, same shrug.  I go on, “You are on the side of the road, who knows where, your car is incapacitated, let’s hope it isn’t after dark, and your going to sit there in your car until someone arrives to help you?”  “You have a good chance of the wrong person stopping to help you!”  I would assign the student homework after the lesson, “You need to learn where the tire is, where the tools are to change it, where the manual is that tells you how to change it, and bonus points if you actually perform the steps, can do a practice tire change!”

The more I thought about it, and questioned students the more I felt I needed to write this book.  It’s a great handbook to have in the glove compartment for anyone.  It has the tire change, in detail, with photo’s, it has the oil change and explains the types of oil, and what conditions each is for, it covers spark plugs in an easy to understand format, with more photo’s, plus changing the spark plugs.  It’s loaded with the basic automotive repairs a driver should know how to do.

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