Your Home, Sweet Tone (Paperback)



I’m very proud of this book because it takes a look at a side of our life that we normally don’t notice.  When I discovered it in my own home, I was so interested in it that I read every article, book and write-up about it.  To my surprise there was very little information about it, yet it affects us so profoundly!

This book is a look into what makes your home feel like your home.  Some people may refer to it as the feel, or the ambiance, of a home.  It’s that feeling you get when you walk into your home, or anyone’s home.  Here we will go over what creates that home tone in each and every individual home.  We’ll go over ways to improve your home tone if your not content with it now.  There’s examples, photo’s, and life scenario’s to assist in explaining how to determine your home tone, and how to manage it.


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