Driver Eyes (Paperback)



Driver Eyes I wrote in the beginning of 2017.  It was my daughter who suggested I write a book with the title Driver Eyes.  This was completely different from how I normally write books. 

Normally, I know a repair method inside-out, and I believe it would be helpful for people to know, so I write the book, and when I’m finished I come up with the title according to the main point of the book. What my daughter was suggesting was completely different, the polar opposite of how I always wrote! She went on to tell me that she feels I am a good driver, I’m a licensed driving instructor, and I should share what I know with other people. “You might save someone from getting into an accident.” she concluded.

She was right. I will mention things to my kids, as I’m driving, to point out situations that may help them when they drive.  For example: We may be approaching a car that is waiting to pull out of a driveway. I may say, “See that car. I’m concerned he’s not paying attention to us coming down the road, so I’m going to ease off the gas until he looks our way, at our car. YEP! There, he looked our way. Now I’ll get back up to speed.” Sometimes if it’s a really dicey situation I’ll elaborate about what could have happened, or what the danger was in the situation.  I do it so often, I didn’t have a problem coming up with what to write in the book Driver Eyes.  I found I had so many scenario’s to describe that were dangerous I had to narrow it down to the most important, everyday, situations, that a person is most likely to come upon. Besides the dangerous situations, there’s helpful tips of how to avoid the situations, and how to be a better driver.  Anyone, any age, can learn a thing, or two from this book!

Driver Eyes is one of the books I am most proud of, inspired by my daughter, completed with my 40+ years of driving experience (no accidents! ever!).


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