Something To Write Home About – Volume I

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Something To Write Home About is a three volume set.  This being Volume I.  They are a collection of letters written by a WWI soldier to his family. I enjoy old letters, and old books.  The way they used to talk, the laws that were then, but not now, how people acted, it’s all so fascinating to me.  This book is full of them.  I was so enthralled reading the letters I decided to put them into a book so other people who may find old letters interesting can read them as well. The book was becoming so huge that my word processor started failing to save it properly.  That’s when I decided I must break it down into volumes.

This is volume I.  It includes the first letter written in May 1918, through December 1918. Volume II picks up in January of 1919 and goes through until his discharge in June of 1919. Both volumes have a few of the photo’s in them, but Volume III has the lions share of the photo’s.  Volume III has all the photo’s, postcards and letters in the collection. Nothing was held back in these books.

Volumes I & II are completed. Volume III is in the works!

The Mystery of The XL700 – Solved! (Waverunner)

The Mystery of The XL700 – Solved!

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It’s a funny story how this book came about.  I have a 2000 Waverunner that started clunking, and lost power one day.  I called around to repair shops so I could take it in for repair.  When I inquired about how much I could expect to pay, I thought I was going to faint!  Somewhere in the neighborhood of $800 to $1,000!  When I asked why I was told the mechanic, alone, charges $125 an hour. He said, “The charges are mostly for labor. The parts are relatively cheap.”  Now, I’m the type of person that looks at things in the perspective of: “If you can do it, then I can do it.” Nobody has any special abilities that anyone else doesn’t have.  You have two arms, two feet and a brain.  I have the same exact thing! So, I’ll do it.  And I did!

This book came about when I had just started taking the jet unit apart. I came to my first bearings.  They poured out of the housing like chunky soup! The metal parts had become so hot over time, and they were so old, that the pieces had literally fused together. I was fighting this thing all the way.  I have done A LOT of mechanical work, so I have a good idea how things go, but I thought, “What about the poor Jack that just wants his ski to run again, and can’t afford the $125 an hour mechanics charge (shame on you mechanics!)” That’s when I thought about writing a book about it.  It was going to be a complete tear-down, I knew that much.  Personally, I prefer manuals that are a complete tear-down. They cover the sections better.  I like to repair, replace, renew whatever I come upon when I’m working on something. I figure if I’m in this far, I may as well do it all.  I went in and grabbed my camera and started snapping pictures of everything that looked interesting, or helpful. Made notes if a particular procedure was difficult, or different.  I wrote the book as I did the work!  I took a six month hiatus when things got on my nerves.  This gave me time to put the book in order.  When I went back at the jet ski all I had to do was add the final pictures to the book, and see if it started up.  I’ve never had anything beat me.  I’ve had some tough jobs (this jet ski being one of the top), but I won’t give up! I repaired the ski, finished my book, and here it is for you!

And the Ski Runs Great!