Pardee Still Stocking Fish

Pardee Reservoir is still stocking the lake with fish! They intend on stocking 45,000 lbs of triploid Rainbow Trout this year, 2017.  You can read the flier they sent out on the subject here.  As of the beginning of June they are still dumping fish into the lake, 350 lbs worth the last I heard. The fishing has been consistent, but the catch, small.  1.5 lbs and 2 lbs fish are common right now.

New Hogan Dam water is providing fishermen, for the most part, with striped bass, and trout.  As usual bring the anchovies! Anchovies are the delicacy these fish are biting for!

Last year, 2016, New Hogan Dam was a mere mud puddle.  Their was just one launch ramp available, and it was in the mud, with a long walk up to the parking lot.  With all the rain over the winter months, things have changed a whole lot!


New Hogan Dam is brimming with water now!  The problem now, there is still just one launch ramp. Not because the water is so low like last year, but because it is so high!  The launch ramps are underwater! The only one available can be chaos when there’s a weekend, or holiday.

Once you are launched, and out on the water, there’s a lot of water to enjoy!

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