Ode To The Pool, There She Goes…

The joy, and the fun, that comes with a big old 15′ round pool in the yard is just..well…wonderful, until it blows a hole, and there she goes!  I suppose this should have been expected, the pool was six years old, this was summer number seven for it. What’s that in human years? One pool year may equal about ten human years, so it was pushing seventy when it passed.

My Dear Plastic Pool,

Always nice and cool,

How many times did you fend off the heat,

so I could dip my feet?

You were fun, you were near,

you were very dear.

I loved the midnight swims,

any time I had a whim.

You were my pool,

you were so cool!

Intex pool, I say to you,

you know how to work with latex, you’re no fool!

Goodbye all 15 feet of pool,

We’ll miss you, you were a jewel!

There it is, my ode to the old pool.  This pool lasted a long time.  I can’t believe how long it lasted to be honest with you. It’s one of those Intex plastic pools.  This was the deluxe model back when I bought it.  15′ in diameter, 48″ deep, it was like a pool, not a puddle.

We all enjoyed the pool. Personally, I’d be in that water every extra minute I had up until midnight or later, I enjoy water.  The pool lights, purchased separately, made it look so cool at night! It just made for a nice cool-down in the hot afternoons as well.

It was always set up on dirt, because that’s what my yard is, dirt.  I’m sure that’s the cause of all the pinholes.  Rocks coming through the plastic. When the pool is full, it is seriously heavy!  Any little, itty, bitty, pebble comes protruding through.  Six years and it still held water, well, that’s darn tootin’ good money spent right there.

There were pinhole leaks I had been repairing every other day or so, a new puddle would appear, and I’d get the scissors, glue and plastic repair and fix it.  As a matter of fact that’s exactly what happened this day.  There was a pinhole on the seam, where the wall connects to the base.  I thought, “That can’t be good.” and I trotted off for my glue and plastic repair.  When I headed back out with my little 2″ x 2″ square of plastic in one hand, and the adhesive in the other hand, before I got to the door I hear, “Mom, you’re gonna need a BIG piece of plastic for this,”  I turned and grabbed the rest of the roll, it was maybe 8″ x 4″ piece left.  I climb into the pool all the while my daughter is shaking her head.  She says, “I don’t know Mom, it’s not looking good.”  The hole is running along the seam, it was less than a quarter inch when I went for the repair stuff, now it was probably 6-7″ and growing!  For some absolutely unknown reason, I put the adhesive on my 8″ x 4″ piece of plastic repair and dove in with it, like it was going to fix this ever-growing hole.  As soon as I pressed it against the hole, it was like a knife slicing through the seam, and suddenly it was a gaping black hole and all the life blood was gushing out of the pool like a sliced artery!

We’re trying to stuff anything, and everything, into that gaping hole!  It was sucking US OUT OF IT!  There was no stopping it, completely impossible.

It was like Niagara Falls in my yard!  Gallon, upon gallon, of water rushing out, down to the pasture.  I told my daughter, “Go ride it! Ride it!” And she did!  She grabbed the board and rode it!  (Yes, that is an electrical cord you see the water rushing over, we pulled the plug when I went in the first time to get the repair kit. No need to worry.)

We miss that pool.  It was a good pool and what a beautiful way to go, a gushing waterfall, one last Hoorah!

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