Not All Strawberry Plants Are Alike

A garden isn’t complete without strawberry plants.  But, beware, not all strawberry plants are alike!  Like many novice gardeners, I had to learn this the hard way.

A couple of summers ago, while shopping at the market, they had beautiful strawberry plants available.  They were so green, and healthy, I couldn’t help myself.   I bought three baskets.

I planted them with all the tenderness of a mother with a new-born babe.  I made a bed of nutritious soil, tamping it down gently around each base.  All the time I waited, watering, de-slugging, and nurturing my little babies,  I was having dreams of big, red, ripe, strawberries!

They started to flower, I was so excited, the time for strawberry’s was drawing near!  When finally, one burst forth!

But…to my horror…it didn’t look quite right.  It was small, and nubby. A deformed strawberry. I put it off to being new plants and they needed some time to bring on those big delicious kind.  But over, and over, the plants kept producing these imposter nibs!  What do you think I did?  I Googled It!

It turns out that growing strawberries demands a bit more research than the usual fruitations in a garden.  The strawberry’s we see outside our local grocery store are not the kind of strawberry plant that produces those large delicious strawberry’s.  They only grow those nibs.  Why in this gracious world would somebody want to grow a garden of nibs, I don’t know, but there must be a demand for it, because there they are!  For you and I, the people who want to grow a real strawberry, here’s the deal; Obviously don’t buy the strawberry plants at your local market.  Go to a nursery, or search online, for the June Bearing Strawberry.  I was very surprised to find them on Amazon and at a good deal!  Here’s the link for them June Bearing Strawberry.  These little sweethearts typically grow strawberries in June for about ten days, and they are the BIG ones!  The kind dreams are made of!  Just remember that name: June Bearing Strawberry.  It’s the only kind of strawberry plant that grows the big ones.

For now, I’m off to purchase my June Bearing Strawberries!  It’s going to be a beautiful garden!


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