New Hogan Fireworks

The fireworks at New Hogan Dam were spectacular, as usual.  The fireworks show is held the weekend prior to the fourth of July, so it was held on the twenty-fifth of June, Saturday.

I was disappointed to see so many people driving so poorly after the show.  The first one was someone that did donuts in the gravel parking lot, which in turn riled up all the dust, which, in turn, made it impossible for the driver to see.  Instead of waiting for the dust to settle, the driver floored it and came flying out of the dust only to meet up with the side of the mountain.  The driver slammed on the brakes and slid into the ditch at the foot of the mountain, violently backed up, and took off again.

The next one was a driver that tried to make a u-turn to beat the traffic, miscalculated the turn, and drove into a ditch they could not get out of.  This caused a back-up of all the people trying to leave.

It was such a nice show, its a shame when people drink too much and drive.

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