New Hogan Dam – Windy!

We have had some strong wind here at New Hogan Dam this weekend.  Makes rowing a boat a work-out!  The little, aluminum motor boats get along pretty good, if you have a decent motor on it.  A trolling motor won’t get you far in these winds.  You’re bound to lose ground, if that’s all you have to power your aluminum. The bigger boats, and jet ski’s don’t seem to mind all the wind.  The jet skiers look like they’re actually enjoying it all!

The sun is very warm, so a breeze would be nice, but this is a bit more than a breeze, quite a bit more. It’s windy enough to cause some seriously choppy water.

New Hogan Dam tends to get choppy, like this, when the winds are blowing.  It doesn’t take much to get the water moving.  It hasn’t put a damper on the fisherman! To tell you the truth, I haven’t witnessed anything that can!  The fishermen are out there, rain, shine, wind, hail, sleet, it doesn’t seem to matter, they’re fishin’!

By evening the winds have calmed down to a breeze.  The parking area makes for a perfect photo opportunity…

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