New Hogan Dam Trash

The lake is full, and the fishing is at its best!  I walk my dogs at this lake everyday.  The surrounding beauty, and tranquil atmosphere beacons anyone to walk its paths through the tree’s, across meadows, ending at the water’s edge in the parking lot.

Anytime during the day, or the night, you will find people enjoying the natural surroundings, out of earshot of vehicles, and highways, just the lapping of the lake on the shores and the hoot of the occasional owl.

Looking North from the gravel parking lot below the Observation point.

Unfortunately, there are the pigs that visit the lake as well.  Trash like this usually arrives at night from the kids that come here to drink in the safety of the parks dark parking lots.  They leave their beer cans, and/or bottles, where ever they drank them.  At least this party decided to bag their trash before leaving it.  They come here because they are drawn, like the rest of us, for the beauty and serenity, but they leave it like it’s the local dump.  How long do these kids think the Park Ranger’s are going to put up with this?   They have gates. They can block these areas off from public use at night if they want to.  These same pigs are the one’s that complain there’s nowhere to go and just hang out.  Well, figure it out!  There’s nowhere to hang out because the pigs left their trash so often that the Park Ranger’s said, “Enough is enough!” and they lock it down. Have some class, use your head, take your trash to the trash can that you can see is in the right side of the picture! Then the Park Rangers will have no reason to cut us out of these areas.  Keep leaving a mess for them, and they will shut us out.

Slobs left their trash. This happens every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. You are guaranteed to find trash in the morning. Just plain stupid. The Park Rangers will shut us out due to these pigs.

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