New Hogan Dam River

The mountains are full of snow waiting to ambush the New Hogan Lake that is already filled to capacity! It’s a beautiful site to see the lake filled with fresh water. It’s been several years since we’ve seen this much water here. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, who manage this lake, have opened the dam. They are releasing water as fast as it will flow without flooding the Monte Vista Day Use area. The Calavaras River is flowing mightier than ever. They better keep those flood gates open because the snow melt has begun the deluge. 

From the bridge looking towards the damn, you can see the water rushing down river.  In the foreground you can see the blackberry bushes.  This will be a fruitful season for them. Click here to watch a time lapse for the New Hogan Lake since 1994.

New Hogan Creek looking toward the damn from the bridge.


Looking westward from the New Hogan River bridge you can see the banks have been overrun with water flowing towards the thirsty fields down river.  What a kick kayaking would be down this river!


New Hogan Lake River looking down stream from the bridge.

Looking straight down from the New Hogan River bridge the rush of water, vying to get through the gate first, creates a foamy bath.  Don’t fool yourself into thinking the foamy bath is a warm one, because it is NOT.  This is some of the coldest water I’ve ever had the mistake to stand in.  Even on the hottest day of the summer this water will numb your legs in seconds!  This is the bottom of the lake water, where its super cold, and flows out that way for quite a distance.


New Hogan River looking down from the bridge.

The photo opportunities are endless at the New Hogan river and at the New Hogan Lake!  Unfortunately my only camera is my cell phone camera, and the pictures are still awe-inspiring.  I’m saving up for a good camera like this one here.

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