New Health & Wellness Coming to Valley Springs

Mark Twain district board directors and county supervisors took shovel in hand to kick off the ground breaking of the Mark Twain Health & Wellness Center in September 2018 about six months ago.  The Health & Wellness center will be located in Valley Springs.  Right across the street from the prestigious La Contenta.

The project is expected to be complete in July this year, 2019.

I’ve been doing some reading about Health & Wellness centers.  Apparently one of the major functions of such an entity is to treat Heroin addicts.  The usual course of treatment is Methadone.  Methadone is dispensed to the people that come to the clinic for treatment.  This should be interesting.

I’ve also read about “quality care” and “economic contribution the the Valley Springs area” that this center will bring to Valley Springs.  I haven’t heard much about the negative effect on the home prices in the area when such a clinic arrives.  I came across a .pdf that had a whole lot to say about the decrease in home values where clinics have be opened.

Read .pdf file:  Not in my Backyard.

This building will employee just 30 maybe 35 people.  The PineTree.Net reported “The clinic will add many, many, jobs to the area.”  If many = 35 employed what would 100 people employed be?  Gobs? Outrageous? Just makes me wonder. Is this the economic contribution the Mark Twain board of directors and county supervisors are talking about?  35 people employed?  It doesn’t seem to balance what will be lost, especially for the residence of the area.

Here’s the economic contribution you can expect…The average home value in the La Contenta housing area is $262,300 (Every source has a different value. $262,300 is average).  A Health & Wellness Clinic opening right across the street will cause the home values in the housing area to reduce by at least 17% according to the research done by the authors of the .pdf.  This amounts to $44,591 reduction.  That $262,300 home will now be discounted to $217,709.  That’s real numbers from area’s that already experienced this kind of situation.

There’s so many questions that I have left unanswered.  Although the questions I would pose won’t get real data answers like:  “Out of all the area’s available, who chose this location?”  And “Do any of the board directorsactually live in La Contenta?”  “How do they really feel about it?”

Newspapers and pamphlets can say all they want, when it actually happens is when we get real answers. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out for real.

We can already find plenty of evidence from other area’s that have dealt with clinics opening in poorly thought out locations.  One year from now I will refer back to this article with an update on the clinic opening and the resulting factors. We shall see how it ranks with all the evidence we already have.  Hopefully it won’t happen here, in Valley Springs. Hopefully.

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