Natural Remedies Book

Personally, I really like just about any natural remedies books.  I have a library of books, many of them pertaining to natural remedies.  My physical library has become so large, I don’t need any more books.  Have you ever had to pack up a library to move?  Ugh! So, when I found this digital edition of natural remedies I jumped on it.  Doesn’t it make sense…

…to download a book with natural remedies to your phone, or book reader, where you will more likely have it with you when you may need one of the remedies?

I have actually had a couple of situations where I thought, wow, I sure could use the information in that book, too bad it’s up in the house.  Then I try to figure the pro’s and con’s of running to the house to get the book, then get the remedy and return to apply it.   Both times I opted to go with medication out of the backpack when a natural remedy would have been far more appreciated, but it just wasn’t feasible to retrieve and apply it.

That is one of the huge reasons I’ve moved from physical books to digital.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have many, many, physical books.  Especially novels that I like to sit down and read on a rainy afternoon, nothing beats the physical model of a good book.  But when I’m out and about, which I am very often, a digital book wins.

The most recent volume of The Lost Book Of Natural Remedies contains even more remedies.

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