My Filly Calypso

I began a blog about raising my new filly back in 2013.  I was excited to share the day to day pleasures, and pains, of training a young filly.

As fate would have it, I injured my back severely just a week after we got her home.  With two herniated disks (one protruding, the other partially) which allowed my L4 to slip over the L5, I was in a world of hurt.  My training program would have to be put on hold until I had healed.

When I purchased Calypso, the current owner had told me she thought Calypso was about 1 1/2 years old.  Calypso was in a small paddock with several other horses.  She was definitely low man on the totem pole.  The other horses jostled around her while she stayed towards the rear of the herd.  When we opened the gate and approached her she appeared happy to see us, and put her nose right into the halter.  She lead well, and showed human respect, walking nicely with us.  The owner didn’t know her parentage.  She was pasture bred, an accident.  Her dam was unknown as well, which I found odd.  She appeared younger than 1 1/2 years by her stature, filly like mane and tail, and her demeanor.  She was affectionate, appeared willing and intelligent, so I bought her.

When I had her home I took the opportunity to check her teeth.  You can get a close approximation of a horses age by their teeth, especially if you can watch them over a period of time.  Some horses have slow erupting teeth, and others have quickly erupting teeth, and others are somewhere in the middle, so over time you can determine what your horse has and their age, approximately.  Calypso was not 1 1/2 yrs old.  Her teeth had barely begun to erupt.  On the teeth she did have, there was no sign of wear what-so-ever.  If she was 1 1/2 she would have all her temporary teeth whether she was a slow growing or not.  Checking again every few weeks Calypso had her full set of temporary teeth after 5 months with us.  That would make her far younger than I was told.  She was closer to 6 months old when I purchased her, probably recently weaned from her mother. So, if she was six months, approximately, when I bought her, and we’re five months down the road, she was just over one year old.

Calypso after we owned her for 5 months. I approximate her age to be 1 year here.

Knowing she was probably closer to 1 yr old than 2 yrs old, when I injured my back, I wasn’t highly concerned about starting her training since she was already halter broke, walked nicely when lead and stopped when requested. I figured I had plenty of time to heal my back and start her training.  I couldn’t have been more mistaken!

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