More Storms On Their Way

More storms are on their way.  I was born and raised in mid California. I love living here.  What picturesque moments we enjoy when Mother Nature works with her palette and brush across the landscape of our foothills!

A covered porch, with a rocking chair, or swing, and a cup of something warm and tasty, that’s how a lot of us like to live here.  When Mother Nature brings in the lightening and the thunder, wow! It can prove to be a late night on the porch, enjoying her work like it is an art museum brought to our front porch!

I had the opportunity to head further into the hills yesterday (Friday, 16th, March) for work. I brought my handy camera too!  I am certainly glad I did!

Traversing Railroad Flat Bring Your Chains for sure!
The streams, so far, are running smooth! The water is high, but it’s moving along! Keep on moving!!
The weather let up for a few minutes Friday evening.


For St. Patrick’s Day we were treated to a hail storm to rival all hail storms!  Hail the size of marbles were pelting down!  The tippy tap turned to whappity wham for a while on the porch roof.

With a hail storm Saturday afternoon.
My yard looked like the local golf course. You know where I’m talking about. 😉
A good heavy downpour Saturday evening is just a glimpse of our week to come.

Yep, the forecast says we have another week of water works on its way.  Wednesday is supposed to be a real hit for us!  Be careful out there!  Stock up on groceries and water before Wednesday’s storm comes in.

I’m off to the market myself.  Get while the gettin’ is good!

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