Memorial Weekend At Hogan Lake

It’s the Memorial Weekend at Hogan Lake and the visitors have already begun to arrive.  The inbound traffic began to change on Thursday.   Campers, trucks pulling campers, trucks and cars hauling boats were pouring in, well, by the boat load!  It’s going to be dicey.

Geese at Hogan Dam May 25, 2017

The parking lots have been flooded.  There are only three very small lots left to park in if you’re planning on launching anything.  By the way, if you don’t have a boat, or jet ski, or something you are launching, then don’t park in the boat with trailer parking slots.  When regular cars take these extra long spots it is very inconvenient for the people who have just launched.  There’s nowhere to park, so they have to drive, truck/car and trailer all the way up to the upper parking areas, if there’s a spot, while the whole time their boat is floating at the launch ramp.   With only one place to launch the line-up can be impossible while everyone is waiting for that person with the trailer to find a spot to park and come back to get out-of-the-way. Just use your head this weekend.  Take it easy on the alcohol, boats and alcohol (water for that matter) don’t mix well. And I’ll say this, knowing it won’t happen, pack out, the trash you pack in!

Be especially careful this weekend, and always, with children and pets.  The rattlesnakes are moving about.  If you hear the telltale sound of the rattlesnake, get out of the area! Don’t investigate, don’t kill it (its his home, not yours), just get away from it.  You can tell a ranger and he can relocate it if he/she deems it is necessary. Remember:  Snakes can strike quickly, and at great length.  Also, snakes can swim.  If you need to get away from a snake, don’t think jumping in the water will make it go away.  The snake will most likely be able to out swim you, so just leave on foot.

The dam has taken on even more water! Beyond what I thought was absolute full capacity, they were able to squeeze another foot, or so, of water into that dam.  The fishing must be incredible because fishermen are everywhere 24/7!

Have a great Memorial Day! And be Careful!

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