It’s That Time Of The Year To Sew Your Seeds!

If you live in California, or anywhere just South of, then it’s that time of the year to sew your seeds!  This is when I start my seeds in the house in preparation for my Spring garden!

Re-purposing is the hallmark of the old saying “waste not, want not”.  Planting a self-sustaining garden by re-purposing, oh my, I’m in heaven!

I’ve been setting aside egg cartons for a year now just waiting for this!  I re-purpose, the egg cartons made of that cardboard material that turns to mulch really easy, as seed starter pots!  They are the perfect size, and the material they are made of helps retain moisture for the baby seedlings nestled inside.

Have you used egg cartons for starting seeds?  If not, this is how I do mine:

1. Pick which egg carton I want to use, 12 pk or 18 pk. Depending on what I’m planting.  I chose one 12 pk for carrots, and an 18 pk for cantaloupe and marigold’s.  I haven’t had success growing cantaloupe yet. I’ve heard they are absolutely awesome home-grown.  So, I’m giving it another shot this year, I think I got it nailed down this time!

12 pack & 18 pack egg cartons

2. Cut the lids off the egg cartons.  The lid can be put in the mulch pile,        unless it’s one of those plastic kind. The plastic one’s can only be thrown away.

Cut the lid off the egg cartons.

3.  Put some good soil in each egg cup. Then scatter your seeds across the top. I dump the whole packet of carrot seeds, I like carrots, and so do my horses. Besides they are super easy to grow!  I put a few cantaloupe seeds into each cup and again, I dumped the marigold seed packet in. My daughter likes marigolds so she’s gonna get a whole lot of them!


4.  Press the seeds into the soil just a smidge.  Then, sprinkle some soil across the top to cover them.


5.  Gently spray some water over your egg beds and place in a sunny spot. Make sure to spritz them everyday so they won’t dry out!


In a few weeks come on back and we’ll take them to the outdoors. Now would be a good time to start getting the weeds out of the garden area and lay some fresh mulch and soil.

So exciting!

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