It’s Fishin Weather

I was out at Hogan Dam on Sunday, just as the storm was beginning to roll in.  It’s fishing weather if you ask me!

Choppy water, no sun or fishermen in site; this is perfect fishing weather if you ask me because the fish drop to the bottom of the lake when the water is this choppy.  They lie there at the bottom waiting the storm out.  Now, what if a tasty bite came floating by all these fish waiting out the storm?  Hogan is not deep enough anywhere, especially in Wrinkle Cove that the standard pole and reel can’t traverse the bottom of the water.  With no other fishermen around to upset the tranquility way down under where the fish are hanging out, it’s prime time for fishin!

When the weather clears Thursday and Friday will also offer some prime fishing. All those fish that had been hanging around waiting for the weather to clear are now hungry and coming to the surface for some munchies!  Time to cast your line!

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