It’s Been Too Darn Hot

It’s been too darn hot to work with Calypso here where I live.  On average, the mercury has been steadily above 95 degree’s everyday.  Last week we saw 104, 107 and 109.  Personally, I can’t do the heat at all. I start to wilt when it hits the 90’s.  I can’t imagine riding a horse in 100 degree weather, let alone put a big hot saddle on a horse in that kind of heat.  I know, I know, I’m putting human emotions into a horse.  The difference here is I can see the sweat dripping from their body after a ride in the hot weather, they have to be feeling hot.

Like I said, I wilt.  I can’t do the hot weather at all.  Every year, when the hot weather starts, I become ill with flu like symptoms for about a week.  Then I acclimate to the heat, but I still can’t go out in it. I should move somewhere cooler, like Montana.  I wish I had it in me to make a move like that.  It’s not like I have a lot of family here where I’m at.  I do, but it wouldn’t be any different living 1,000 miles away, or 10 miles away.  We text once in a while, visits are rare, so living far away really wouldn’t be any different.  This is a point I should ponder!

So, until this weather cools down I won’t be doing any work with Calypso.  She’s out there enjoying George and getting fat.  She’s happy.

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