It’s Almost Time For New Hogan’s Fireworks Show!

New Hogan Dam Fireworks!

The link above will take you to the Calaveras County Calendar where you can find the time (8:30), the location (New Hogan Dam), directions and more events going on in the Calaveras County!

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It’s almost time for the New Hogan fireworks show!  The date is set for June 23, 2018.

Remember, everyone wants to enjoy the show!  Excessive drinking, can lead to problems, put a cap on drinking tonight, you’re in public for crying out loud.  Pick up your trash, our beautiful county won’t stay that way if we all don’t pick up after ourselves. And most of all, be a courteous driver. When the show is over, everyone wants to go home and download their photo’s, get back to their beer, go to bed, etc. If we are courteous and allow others to merge into the pile of cars leaving then everyone will get out of the area in a timely fashion.  Cutting off other drivers, or not allowing them to merge into traffic, only creates problems which, in turn, causes accidents.  Every year it seems like someone drives off of the edge of our narrow roads up there.  Let’s make this year different, everyone stay on the tarmac!

Take your time, be courteous and enjoy the show!

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