Injustice In Our Justice System

There is an injustice in our justice system! Justice is blind, I agree whole heartedly. Obtuse injustice right under the nose of Lady Justice, and she doesn’t see it!

There is a terrible injustice going on in our justice system that I won’t ignore anymore!

Most people are aware that the government supports prisoners with the money derived from the taxes we American’s pay.  That makes sense, they need someone to pay for their bed and breakfast may as well be the people they would otherwise rob, attack, murder and molest, so yeah, makes sense we pay the bill.  But did you know that not every prisoner commands the same price? Oh, no, no, no!  If you are an American prisoner you cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $75 a day.  If you are of a different country, let’s say, Mexico, the price is twice as much! For every prisoner that is a citizen of Mexico, the prison is paid $150 per day.

With that out on the table, think about this:  You have two prisoners, prisoner A, who is an American citizen.  And prison B, who is a citizen of Mexico.  You are the warden and you have to releases one of your prisoners.  Which prisoner are you going to send home?  The one that nets $75 a day, or the one that hauls in $150 a day?  Stupid question, right.  Of course your going to keep the highest earning prisoner!  They eat the same, they sleep the same, there’s no difference what-so-ever, so you’re going to keep Mr. $150.

This happens everyday in our prisons!  People of Mexico are held in our prisons far beyond the normal prison time American’s spend.  They are sentenced to longer prison terms than American citizens. More on that here.

Why would we keep people in our prison, so we tax payers have to support them, when they should be deported immediately back to their home country?  The people with the authority to change this skewed situation choose not to.  The bucket holding tax payers dollars is deep, very deep!  If this practice was to be stopped, the people embezzling from the funds, and wardens holding onto people of Mexican decent, would all be financially devastated! It’s a sweet deal.  Nobody is going to change it without pressure from American citizens.

When you have an opportunity to vote concerning prisons, pay attention to what you are voting on. If you have avenues to protest, where the people who can change it, will hear it, then protest!  If you are in a position of authority, do something!  I am an American citizen, born and raised, and I am embarrassed at what our prisons are doing to citizens of Mexico that are in prison here in America.  Send them home! Don’t hold on to them for ten, fifteen, twenty years!!

Yes, twenty years!  I am personally aware of just such a situation. My next blog will tell that story.

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