I Love The Tranquility

The peace and quiet of the outdoors is a call to me that I can not ignore.  I love the tranquility of it all.  The beauty of living here in the foothills with its plethora of parks, hiking trails and lakes that are accessible any time of the day, or night beacon the outdoors-person to come and enjoy Mother Nature!

Some of my favorite trails take me to the lakes.  There are three lakes in Valley Springs, Camanche, Hogan and Pardee (actually four if you count Lake Amador, small but still a lake).  This time of year, if you take a walk just before dusk,  the wildlife is wild!

Deer are everywhere.  Doe’s with their fawns, bucks lounging under tree’s and bushes, gaggle’s of geese alight onto the lake with grace, the occasional clap of a fish is the only sound to break the silence.

My favorite is the fish boil!  No, I’m not talking about cooking fish. A fish boil is when a school of fish come to the surface, and leap out of the water to catch their dinner flying just above the surface of the water.  First, you’ll hear the sound of a clap, one fish breaches the water to catch a bug. Then, there’s another, and soon another.  Within a few minutes it sounds like a crowd of people are clapping their hands because there are so many fish breaching the water!

Last night there was one boil after another upon the lake.  I was able to catch a fish boil, albeit a small one, right in front of my perch on the shore.

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