How To Guesstimate Horse Weight

If you own a horse, or horses, there will come a time when you’ll need to know how much they weigh. Horse wormers, various medications and feeds all require a weight measurement in order to be used.

There are a variety of tape measures you can buy that are an all-in-one variety. One side of the tape measures height while the other side measures weight. The first item, Sure-Measure, is the tape I have. The one below that is another brand of tape measure.

Another brand of tape measure. (If you click the image it goes to the page on Amazon for more information about the tape measure.

Regardless of which brand you buy, they are all about the same in measurement, and that is always a guesstimate. Without a large animal scale the best you can do is a guesstimate.

Measure With A Cloth Tape Measure

If you don’t have a horse height and weight tape measure you can use your standard cloth tape measure and a little bit of mathematics and you can get the same guesstimate.

For a more in-depth article about using a tape measure you can read an article here about it on a site called

First, measure the length of your horse. In the photo below, the red line indicates where the tape measure should be placed to get the length…

Length Measurement

Record the length of the horse. Next, you need to measure around the girth of your horse. That measurement is indicated, again, in red in the photo below…

Girth Measurement

Record the girth measurement. Now plug those two measurements into the formula: Girth x Girth x Length / 330 + 50 = Weight!

The mare in the picture measures: Girth 55″ and Length 60″

Using the formula above I would write: 65 x 65 x 60 / 330 + 50 = 895. So her guesstimated weight is 895 lbs!

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