Home, Sweet Tone – Revised Edition

Home, Sweet Tone is, again, a book filled with useful information.  I don’t feel I was able to catch the essence of this book in the summary. This book talks about the tone in everyone’s home, the feel, the aura, or sense of a home.

I first recognized my own home tone during my marriage. I couldn’t figure out why my spouse would commit small irritations when everything seemed to be going along great.  Then, he would stop for no apparent reason and go back to his usual self.  Then I saw it! When things were going along just great the tone of our home was not what he had grown up with! We were both well aware of the constant tension his home always had growing up. As an adult he needed that constant tension to feel normal, his subconscious conducted it.  When I recognized this I tried to explain it to him, but he couldn’t understand.

It lies below the surface of our everyday lives, yet it IS our everyday life. If you can understand it, you can change it if you so desire!

This book has photo’s of graph’s, chapter, upon chapter, of helpful scenarios, suggestions, and idea’s, of how to identify, and change your home tone.  And it goes over the implications of two people, who are enjoying cohabitation, yet feel something is just not right about their life together. Every home has a tone, and this book can help the reader recognize it, and/or, alter and change it for the better!

Get the eBook Home, Sweet Tone here!

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