Holiday’s And Your Pets Behavior

The holiday’s are upon us, are you and your pet ready?  Does your pets behavior worry you every year when the holiday’s arrive? When friends and family come to visit, Fido goes outside.  Or you may take the risk and let Fido stay indoors with the guests, sniffing crotches and butts, jumping up on grandma’s lap, eating the food off of plates, while the guest is still eating!  The list goes on, and on, of poor pet behavior.  The holiday’s are especially hard because our pet is part of our family, but a part of our family that other people don’t care for sometimes, and with good reason.  Nobody wants to share their Cheetos with the dog!

Fido! Get out of that bag of chips!

As soon as you look away for a second, Fido is at it. Jumping, humping, sniffing, everyone.  You know it’s up to you if you want your dogs behavior to change.  I’ve written about dog training in earlier posts. You need to decide what is acceptable to you, and what is not, and then enforce what is not.  Stand your ground, be consistent!

There’s always the option of hiring a professional dog trainer.  If you know you just don’t have it in you to tell Fido, “No!” when he just wants to sit on your lap, then a professional might be a good choice.

Recently, I came upon a great problem solver for my little dogs.  The problem we were having wasn’t bad behavior, but they overwhelm people vying for attention.  We have three little dogs, and one big dog.  They all sit very nicely, and look deep into your eyes for you to pat them on the head, all four of them, pleading, wagging all their tails, it can make you feel like your on the spot. If you decide to pet one, then the other ones wag their tails harder and might nudge your hand with their wet nose.

I don’t like putting the dogs “out”, or locking them in a bedroom whenever guests come over.  And they don’t like being put “out” or in a bedroom.  They don’t understand why suddenly they are cut-off from the family.

We solved the problem with a crate.  I’ve used a crate for potty training, and transporting pets.  The dogs like the crate, I put a nice big fluffy blanket in their with them, and they tuck right into it  So I thought I’d use it when guests come over, and keep it in the room with us, so they aren’t cut-off from the family, but they aren’t pestering guests to pet them.  I just put them in the crate before anyone arrives, position it so they have a nice view of the room where we are, and voila, the dogs are happy, I’m happy, and our guests are happy.  Win, win, win!!

I didn’t want one of those big wire cages that I’ve seen around.  Especially not in my house.  I was pleasantly surprises to see nice crates on  Amazon.  They have tons of varieties. This is a nice one here:

Instead of giving your pets a raw deal, and put them outside, this year, try a crate, you both may like it!

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