Hogan Reservoir In Need Indeed

Hogan reservoir is in need indeed!  Apparently the fish, stripper in particular, are on the decline.  The question on everyone’s mind is, “Why?”

Letters have been sent to Fish and Game inquiring what might be going on, but as of yet there’s been no reply.  Here’s an article I just read about the sad state of strippers in Hogan:

Where Have All The Stripper Gone?

One suggested reason is the midnight poaching.  I’ve walked that lake reservoir many times and after the sun goes down, the fishermen and woman come out!  The shoreline is peppered with flashlights and lanterns all summer long.  The parking lot just below the observation point is filled to capacity in the summer months 24/7.  Winter thins out the night fishers a lot.  Occasionally no one is on the lake in the winter months!

The Sheriff has cruised the lots, but they aren’t interested in poachers, they’re looking for the kids drinking and the drug dealers selling.  Other than the Sheriff’s occasional drive-by’s there’s nothing to stop the midnight fishermen and women.  More importantly, there’s nobody counting fish caught.  An ice chest heavy enough that it takes two men to carry up to their vehicle seems a little fishy to me (I know, cute pun).

If we want to keep the lake as a great place to fish, we need to stop hoarding.  Regardless of how many fish the State says you can take, maybe we can cut back out selfish side and take what we need, or would actually use, instead of all we can get hooked on our line.  Once the strippers are gone, it will take a long time to bring them back!  Lose lose, or win win, it’s up to you.

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