Hogan Dam Lower, Lower, Yuck

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Well, it’s that time again when the powers that be command the Hogan Dam to lower, lower, lower, until yuck!

I know there are probably some darn tootin good reasons for allowing Hogan Dam’s water level to lower.  I can come up with a few reasons myself.  But that doesn’t mean I have to like it!  I just hope we get tons of rain this winter to bring it back up, but I highly doubt that will happen. Well the rain part will happen, but Hogan Dam filling up, that part won’t happen.  It’s not part of the master plan!

Hogan Dam will become lower, and lower, each year.  It will be lower next year, and the year after that.  Then the year after that year, everyone will start crying that there’s going to be a drought. “Look at Hogan Dam.  It’s gone!”  they will cry out.   That Summer the water will be knee-deep, and more like a mud puddle than a lake.  The leeches will cling to the little children that dare to step into the waters.  Everyone will be certain we are all going to perish in the drought.  Then, at the end of the Fall of that year, everyone will hope for rain to save us.  The rains will fall, like they always do, but this time, well this time the powers that be will allow Hogan Dam to fill up to capacity again!  Hooray!!  Everyone will wipe their brows and thank the rain makers that we barely avoided a drought…..again.

Wow, I’ve lived here too long I think.

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