Hogan Dam & Latest Fishing News

Hogan Dam is still has plenty of water which makes for plenty of miles of shoreline fishing!

The cold weather is just starting to settle in on the Valley here on the 18th of October!  We enjoyed all that summertime weather and suddenly Old Man Winter reared his head and has put the freeze on.  That doesn’t mean fishing season is over!  It just means all those plump fish are swimming a little deeper.  But there are plenty to be had!

Check out the video below.  It was recorded in January of this year, 2018.  You can see the mist laying on the lake water while these fishermen max out on the fish!  It’s sort of long video, 8 minutes, but these guys are so pumped to be out there at Hogan reeling the fish in left and right, and the recording is considerably steady and clear, it’s fun to watch these guys! Their enthusiasm is contagious!  Yeah, Joooooeee!

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