Hey There! I’m Back!

Hey There Readers!  I’m back!  What’s that?  You didn’t know I had been gone?! So you didn’t miss me too much!

I’ve been moving the past six weeks or so.  Found a nice place up the hill a bit, and we’ve been moving since the beginning of June.  Moving sucks!  I mean it really sucks!  For me, it’s like a huge haul to the dumps that takes days/weeks to complete!  Where did all this junk come from?  I certainly didn’t save all these pull tabs, bits of crayon (a whole box of bits!) and this, half-a-curtain rod…

…did I think I would come across the other half of the rod someday? Maybe I thought I could use it to retrieve items that roll under the couch, bed or car like an extra long arm.

I can’t believe how many Bible’s I came across. I had no idea my family was so religious.  What I’m curious about, is who’s the Mormon in the family?

The item that is most disconcerting for me is this memory cover (that’s what I think it is).  It says Xbox on it.  Our Xbox is sitting over there, with all its parts intact.  So, if mine is intact right there, but I have what looks to be a major part sitting here on my counter, than someone is missing an important part to their Xbox.  I better make some calls, but who knows how long its been in this dusty old box.

Well, it feels good to be back at the keyboard.  I have a whole bunch of topics I’ve been interested in pursuing and writing about, so excited!  I gotta go for now, I need to make some calls, see if I can find who’s missing Xbox parts!

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